Parent-Child Support


Parent-child intervention program or PCHIP is a 20-week program which works with survivors and their children ages 0-12 in Multnomah county through  home visiting and community advocacy. PCHIP offers therapeutic support to survivors and children, as well as a 25-week trauma recovery empowerment model support group.

Main focuses include improving parent-child interaction, education around the impact of domestic violence, understanding and increasing cognitive and coping skills.

PCHIP assesses family needs to help overcome barriers and identify and build strengths.

Services to Children

Proyecto UNICA has programing that provides:

● Parent-Child intervention support

● Children receive support as indirect survivors of abuse and trauma

● Support through home visiting based on 20-week curriculum and community advocacy

● SEP trauma recovery empowerment model 25 week support group

● Therapeutic intervention

Acerca mis relaciones, las que tengo ahora me brindan apoyo emocional cuando me siento triste. Mi motivación es salir adelante con mis hijos.

Proyecto UNICA Participant