Provide support, advocacy and opportunity for self-empowerment, assisting survivors to exercise free and informed life choices free of violence and oppression. We work to ensure that Latinx individuals and families have equal access to community resources.

Core Values

Anti-Oppression, Social Justice, and Social Change

Proyecto UNICA recognizes that sexual violence and oppression are intricately linked and is committed to grappling with the complexities of societal power and privilege in order to create inclusive policy and practices.

Survivor Focused

Proyecto UNICA is devoted to listening to survivor experiences and keeping their needs paramount in all aspects of our organizational work. Proyecto UNICA recognizes that domestic and sexual violence is never the fault of a survivor.

Collaboration and Community Engagement

Proyecto UNICA is committed to creating a culture of collaboration with members and communities. We believe that our mission is best accomplished through a process that prioritizes diverse community input, participation, and partnership.

Advocacy and Education

Proyecto UNICA believes that in order to create a society free from domestic and sexual violence, we must advocate for survivors and educate our communities on the detrimental effects of domestic/sexual violence and the most effective ways to prevent violence.

When getting out of this situation, I lost everything. I lost confidence in myself... If it were not for Proyecto UNICA, I would not know what I would have done with what was left of my life. I feel as if I have recovered myself. The independent woman that I always was.

Proyecto UNICA Participant