No one deserves to be threatened or hurt.  If you are experiencing or have experienced abuse, know that you are not alone!  Our support line and programs are here to help you understand your options and connect you with long term support. The abuse is not your fault.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Services: 

General Advocacy and Safety Planning

Case managers and advocates help with safety planning and access to services by providing information and referrals to other community resources. Safety planning is offered to all survivors of domestic and sexual violence through formal and informal conversations with the survivors in which our agency works with the survivor to identify and address risks, barriers or concerns regarding the ability to stay safe. Our agency offers safety planning through our support lines, at shelters and or/ through other services. Accompaniment to DHS and other services as needed may also be done.

Legal Advocacy

Case managers and advocates help survivors navigate the court/legal systems through a variety of mechanisms. Survivors may need support with criminal, civil or immigration legal remedies. The advocate role is to provide support to survivors through referrals and system navigation. Case managers and advocates walk individuals through the restraining/stalking order process and accompany them to court when appropriate. Case managers and advocates are under no reason to provide legal advice.

Medical Advocacy Accompaniment

Case managers and advocates may accompany or advocate for survivors who seek medical attention from injuries/trauma/illnesses that have resulted from the domestic and/or sexual violence.

Housing Advocacy

Proyecto UNICA provides specialized housing interventions for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Cases may remain open between 3-24 months depending on the case. For housing referrals, advocates needs to have a completed Safety and Stabilization Assessment (SSA), ROIs and make the appropriate referral depending on participant situation.

Support Groups

We conduct support groups for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Portland and Gresham.

Trainings for Community Organizations

Proyecto UNICA  works with community organizations that focus on anti-violence, public health, arts and culture, immigration, and social justice to address how domestic and sexual violence intersects with other forms of violence and oppression. Our prevention team is available to develop unique trainings, workshops, and presentations to community organizations and members to raise awareness on anti-violence strategies, consent, anti-oppression, gender and sexuality, media analysis, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, and social change and activism.